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About The Crafty Captain

The Crafty Captain was borne out of a need to promote healing for Service members and Veterans from Combat and other related trauma and to promote positive mental health by utilizing shared experiences, knowledge, resources, Arts & Education, and products and services. When the owner, Captain (retired) Lesley Mosé returned from a deployment to the Middle East, her time was fraught with sleepless nights and haunted by unpleasant memories. A therapist suggested that she take up crochet or knitting as a way to combat the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). As someone who was always an artisan in one way or the other, Lesley quickly returned to embracing the arts as a means of healing. This earned her the endearing nickname of “The Crafty Captain” and it stuck through the years. Embracing crochet, knitting, photography, woodworking, resin, acrylic pour, poetry, and returning to music and dance, Lesley can attest to the healing properties of Art.

The Crafty Captain has widened its reach to all that can be touched by art as a means of healing. It has brought a sense of community to much more than just the Veteran and Service member community.



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People have complemented us on our heartfelt desire to bring a sense of healing to those that are hurting and our desire to remind every warrior that they still have fight in them deep down inside. They have reminded us how much the dolls have brought them comfort in times of sorrow. They have made remarks about our craftsmanship such as "Your attention to detail is incredible!" "I'm always amazed by the creativity and skill that goes into your work."

TJ Jones
TJ Jones
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Lesley is AWESOME!!! I bought two crochet dolls from Lesley in December of 2019, for my Granddaughter and Goddaughter. The dolls were named Lyric and Destiny. They even come with a birth certificate, which is really nice. When the girls pulled the dolls out of the box, they both said, 'They look just like US!' They really identified with the dolls, which is so important for young girls to see dolls that represent them. The craftsmanship was absolutely superb. The dolls were shipped with no issues at all. The entire buying process was simple, and Lesley kept me informed in regards to the process, as the dolls were custom made. I will be buying a doll for MYSELF very soon. Thank you, Lesley, for such splendid work! Tj
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Thank you So Much @thecraftycpt for these beautifully hand crafted dolls! They are Stunning. ❤
Shawanna Lawson
Shawanna Lawson She Vets It (Althea Williams)
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